Horton’s Kids Receive Sizeable Donations from Sinclair Broadcast Group’s ABC7 and Easterns

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Education is always an important factor for children, especially if they want to have a future that will benefit them immensely. Sadly, some schools or communities haven’t been getting as much help as they’d like, especially recently when COVID-19 unexpectedly popped up and started to affect most families financially. Wellington Park and its school-like program, Horton’s Kids, are no exception; for a while, it seemed as though that there wouldn’t be any hope for the students and their teachers in terms of obtaining the financial help they needed more often than not.

Help from Sinclair’s ABC7 and Easterns Auto Group

Despite the fears that the Wellington Park community had with no one coming over to assist them financially, the people running Horton’s Kids were pleasantly surprised to hear that they were given up to $1,500 from Local Station Sinclair ABC7 and the Easterns Automotive Group. It’s not unheard of for a company to donate a large amount of cash to help a community in need, and it is always appreciative to see them lend a hand in these uncertain times. Horton’s Kids was the latest to receive the help they need from making the site. Thanks to the money they were given, the staff can move forward thanks to the assistance provided by the Sinclair Broadcast Group and even the Easterns Automotive Group.

What This Means for the Wellington Park Community

As a result of the donations made by the local station Sinclair ABC7’s Helping Hands and the Easterns Automotive Group, the school can better focus on providing education to the students who applied to the program. A large number of them relied on them for as long as they’ve been around, so the fact that their school was given a good chunk of money was more than enough to encourage them to keep learning even with the pandemic still occurring. They were given much better access to the Internet as well as tablets for their classes, which meant that their remote learning won’t be compromised entirely given the new safety protocols taking place since August. Families in need were also given other supplies if they were short on money, with food and financial support now in the possession of those in need.

Additional Info

Horton’s Kids is a non-profit community group that assists children in under-resourced communities within Washington, DC, with the goal being to get them ready for what lies ahead in college and beyond. The staff provides academic support that’s comprised of social-emotional development and services for basic needs. As children explore new interests and pursue new goals overtime, Horton’s Kids will gladly accompany them as they learn plenty of subjects found in schools while also keeping a youthful spirit thanks to the activities provided by the group. Their most important highlight is the interactions they have with their families, further strengthening bonds between parents and the teachers involved with Horton’s Kids.

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