Seattle is Now the Largest Market to Launch NEXTGEN TV

Sinclair Broadcast Group and NextGenTV in Seattle

What do the television stations KOMO-TV (Sinclair Broadcast Group), KIRO-TV, KCPQ, KING-TV, KONG, KZJO, and KUNS-TV (Univision) all have in common? Well, besides them all being local Seattle television stations, another thing that they now have in common is that they all have started broadcasting with a new technology called NEXTGEN TV.

NEXTGEN TV: Something Special

First of all, the beauty of NEXTGEN TV is that it is based on some of the same basic principles of the internet, basic internet services, and other digital services. As such, NEXTGEN TV has the ability to support a tremendous amount of features that are already being developed. This would include video, immersive audio, the ability to broadcast to a mobile device, personalized viewing tools, and up-to-date emergency alerts that will replace the ordinary simple text message. Moreover, if all of this weren’t enough, NEXTGEN TV has the ability to support full integration with 5G for internet content and other broadband-related services.

The Seattle-Tacoma Market

One of the main reasons why the Seattle-Tacoma market has so much appeal is because it has so many broadcasters collaborating to bring this new technology to the forefront. The Seattle area has now eclipsed the Tampa-St. Petersburg, Florida area for having the largest market for this next NEXTGEN TV technology. NEXTGEN TV is powered by the ATSC 3.0 technology upgrade, and it took at least a decade of persistence and planning by stations within the Seattle area. Indeed, the teamwork from the seven Seattle stations was astonishing.

These participating stations are committed to delivering the quality programming that their viewers are accustomed to. They know that for some the adjustment will be difficult, but it doesn’t matter whether an individual is getting their programming. For antenna users, these stations recommend that users simply rescan their television sets so that they can get full service.

Going the Extra Mile

“Now that NEXTGEN TV has been launched, we have to thank everyone who worked so hard at KONG and for all of our sister networks who collaborated with us to make this happen,” said Kurt Rao, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of KING-TV and KONG. “TEGNA’s KONG is proud that we can be a lighthouse station and do NEXTGEN TV broadcasts in this commercially innovative area of the United States. We look forward to seeing the day when we can utilize the full potential of this new technology and improve the viewing experience of our audience.”

Cox Media Group is very proud of this transition, especially considering the fact that they have award-winning content, dominant brands, and many different diverse audiences.

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