Sinclair Sports and Women Shine at the 2020 Cynopsis Awards

Sinclair Broadcast Group

Sinclair broadcast group at Cynopsis

The Cynopsis Awards were held recently to honor members of the broadcast media industry for their work in a range of different areas within the media and telecommunications world. Sinclair Broadcasting Group was among the major winners highlighted at the awards for its media professionals and regional sports networks that took home numerous honors.

Another major highlight of the evening was the many top Sinclair Broadcast Group professionals who took home winning prizes in the Cynopsis Top Women in Media Awards category. Sinclair is proud to have such a strong core of smart and award-winning female journalists bringing their multitudes of skills and talents to the Sinclair news desk every day of the week.


The Cynopsis Awards represent a major shift in the media industry to promote diversity in terms of race and gender equality. A major thrust of the Cynopsis Awards is to honor the media broadcast companies that have taken the pioneering steps to not only promote the idea of diversity within their ranks but to put those ideas into action.

Among the Sinclair female broadcasters who were honored at the Cynopsis Awards were the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Lucy Rutishauser. Rutishauser’s work for the major media conglomerate shows Sinclair Broadcast Group about diversity as she was honored in the area of executing strategy with her success as an operations front runner cited as the reason for winning the award.


Sinclair Broadcast Group is a diversified media company and leading provider of local sports and news. #sinclaircares